Vashon Film Society presents Beyond Naked on June 7

This just in: the Vashon Film Society invites you and your friends to a special, one-night-only screening of Beyond Naked. Hop on the ferry for a short adventure and a chance to see Beyond Naked on the big screen in stunning full HD.

Director Dan McComb, producer Lisa Cooper and many of the cast and crew members will attend the June 7 screening and will do a Q & A following the show.

Vashon Film Society presents monthly single screenings of art films on First Fridays after the Gallery Cruise. Come early for the art walk in Vashon town (6 pm on), grab supper, and then head to the Vashon Theatre for “Beyond Naked” at 9:30 pm. Admission to the screening is $7. Get tickets now.

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  1. gary kiggins says:

    How great to see you wonderful film on Vashon last night, and to continue forward on my own film project. If you go to RYAN KIGGINS on youtube, you will find the clip of his speech, and very condensed version of his story of survival, courage and see him as he continues to work toward finding funding to help others and himself.

    The untold story here is the one of survivors of this drama, and the real struggles they face after this. There is almost no funding avail to address the issues of average length of life after a bone marrow transplant. It is not long. The fight that these people go through to just be able to live, is huge, and the Hutch is amazing. Were it not for the grace of a much bigger thing , the support of thousands who didnt even know him, luck, and the willingness of the one dr in the world who was able to save him, I would have lost my son years ago. I want him to be on this planet as long as possible. It is my new mission in life, to do all I can to help. Perhaps we can work together to do that. If it meant to be, it will be. Just like keeping my son alive.

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